All Medical Healthcare Staffing

Present Your Personality

March 21st, 2011

A recruiter is calling to several candidates with comparable credentials and experience in order to fill an open healthcare position. Candidate A responds briefly and factually to every question, saying as little possible during the interview. She seems to think, “My resume speaks for itself.”

Candidate B answers the same questions, but takes advantage of this opportunity to talk about her recent 5K run, a story about the family pet and a recent trip to the Grand Canyon. She asks the recruiter a few questions of her own and even drops a pun or two into the conversation.

Guess which candidate will make it to the next round of interviews? Clearly, Candidate B will have the edge. Why? Because she was able to give the recruiter a sense of her personality, as well as her experience.   Just by holding up her end of the conversation, she became a more attractive candidate for the position.

In today’s highly competitive job market, All Medical Personnel’s recruiters look carefully at the credentials, training, skills and accomplishments of all candidates for healthcare positions. That includes locum tenens and other physicians and nurses, laboratory technicians, therapists, IT professionals, medical billing specialists and a host of other positions.

Then, we also consider the personality, attitudes and “social IQ” of the qualified job candidates.  After all, healthcare services are delivered in a team setting, and it’s important for every employee to be able to converse with supervisors, subordinates, peers, vendors and everyone else involved with the organization.

The lesson is simple: Personality is one of a candidate’s most important attributes. Be sure it comes shining through in your next job interview.