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What Does Stronger Economy Mean for Healthcare?

December 6th, 2010

What Does Stronger Economy Mean for Healthcare?

As 2010 winds to a close, it looks like the U.S. economy is finally picking up steam. Recent reports from the U.S. Labor Department, economic analysts and national payroll processor ADP all point to a strong upturn in the job market this fall. For instance, ADP reported a jump of 93,000 new private sector jobs in November, the largest gain in three years. That increase included 79,000 service jobs – including healthcare services.

What does this turnaround on the jobs front mean for the U.S. healthcare industry? One of the most important changes will be an increased competition for administrative, professional and clerical talent.  Many dedicated, hard-working individuals have been attracted to the healthcare sector in recent years because of its perceived job security and stability. While most of these employees will stay in their current positions, others may seek “greener pastures” as the economic recovery moves into business services, financial, real estate and other sectors. Therefore, healthcare organizations can expect to experience slightly higher turnover rates in the coming years.

As the nation’s employment picture gradually improves, there will also be increased competition for new hires. It will become increasingly important for healthcare organizations to enhance their recruitment strategies in order to attract top candidates. Then, those candidates must be carefully screened, tested and interviewed to be sure they are a good match for that position. In working with healthcare clients for more than 20 years, All Medical Personnel believes that effective staffing partnerships are one of the best ways to recruit and screen highly qualified candidates, allowing organizations to focus on their core businesses.  Those partnerships will become even more important in a growing national marketplace.

A Solution to the HR Training Dilemma

November 24th, 2010

A Solution to the HR Training Dilemma

What’s the biggest concern for HR managers today?  A number of independent studies put training and development first on the list. A recent study showed that professionals of all ages value ongoing education, while another found training was the biggest issue, followed by retaining top performers and recruiting new talent.

Healthcare organizations also recognize the need for career training and professional development, as physicians, nurses, therapists, laboratory technicians and other personnel seek to improve their skills and broaden their horizons. Advances in medical treatments, surgical techniques, laboratory testing, electronic medical records (EMR) and communications technology are among the many reasons that ongoing training is essential for today’s healthcare professionals. However, many HR managers face a dilemma: “How can I spare a professional who provides critical services for several days of off-site training at a time when demand for our services is rising?”

Fortunately, there is a simple answer to that problem. Bring in a temporary employee to provide those day-to-day services while the physician, nurse or other professional is learning new career skills.  That’s a win-win solution that benefits both the healthcare organization and the individual professional, without disrupting care to patients or clients.  Based on our 20+ years of experience in healthcare staffing, this is a highly effective solution for the HR training and development dilemma.

Delivering Remote Healthcare Services

November 4th, 2010

Delivering Remote Healthcare Services

Advances in technology are creating new opportunities for North American healthcare organizations to meet growing consumer demand services in a cost-effective manner.  Digital videoconferencing services now allow specialists to “examine” patients in remote locations with the assistance of an on-site nurse or PA. Digital radiographic reports can be sent anywhere in the world with the click of a mouse. Within a few years, physicians will be able to easily review a patient’s electronic medical or health record (EMR or EHR) from office, home or hotel room.

One of the more intriguing recent developments in technology is the mobile robot – a communications device that can be operated by a professional in a remote location. In May, a California company called Anybots unveiled its QB telepresence robot, which resembles a two-wheeled Segway vehicle with a stylized “head.” It’s actually a videoconference system on wheels.  “We wanted to create a technology that allows remote workers to collaborate more fully and feel part of the team,” said company founder and CEO Trevor Blackwell in an interview at the time.

Certainly, the healthcare industry could use a mobile videoconference system in a number of ways to improve service delivery and staffing efficiency. For instance, a physician could move the robot around for 360-degree look at an injured or comatose patient in the examination room. The device could also be moved out of the patient’s hearing for a confidential discussion with healthcare personnel on site. Academic medical centers could “rent” two-way robots to physicians who want to participate in grand rounds, but cannot be physically present.  And healthcare providers, office managers and supervisors could attend staff meetings at satellite offices without the need for travel time.  And those are just a few of the applications that may become possible in the next decade.

Fall, Winter and Locums

August 27th, 2010

It’s Not Just Physicians Who Benefit from locum tenens

With fall just around the corner, many doctors are considering where they would like to spend the autumn and winter months. As locum tenens physicians with All Medical Personnel Locum Tenens, they appreciate the many benefits of having a flexible schedule.

We’re a big believer in locum tenens – and not just for physicians. Our flexible staffing program includes CRNA locum tenens and other professional nursing locum tenens positions. That’s because we recognize the important advantages of a locum tenens lifestyle on a temporary or long-term basis:

• Adaptability. As a locum tenens physician or nurse, you can choose from a wide array of work locations throughout the country. That means provides exposure to new working environments and healthcare systems, providing greater opportunities to advance your career.

• Autonomy. Working locum tenens allows you to enjoy a higher level of independence. You can visit new locations and select the best employment opportunities for you as an individual physician.

• Fulfillment. Many locum tenens physicians and nurses enjoy having more variety in their day-to-day clinical experiences, as well as the opportunity to diagnose and treat different types of cases and patient populations.

• Flexibility. The locum tenens lifestyle provides far greater flexibility with your schedule. You can choose to work for six months and take a six-month hiatus, or work year-round in half a dozen locations – or any other schedule that meets your needs.

If you are interested in locum tenens, click here to send us an email or call at 1.877.267.5628 to discuss these flexible career opportunities.

The Bright Lights of Hollywood!

August 17th, 2010

The Bright Lights of Hollywood!

When All Medical Personnel’s National Recruiting Team walks into our new Hollywood offices every morning, it’s “lights, camera, action”!  Sure, we’re in South Florida rather than Hollywood, California, but you should see our faces “light up” when we get to work now.

With our new workstations, comfortable furniture, training and conference facilities and lots of high-tech equipment, our new office is truly designed for the 21st century. Our team members love it! We’ve already seen them pull out their cameras – or at least their BlackBerries and iPhones – to snap pictures and share with family and friends.

As for “action,” it seems the days get busier and busier. As the summer season winds down, the healthcare world is ready to shift back into high gear. And we’re already working closely with our clients who are making their strategic plans for 2011. Meanwhile, our talented team is showing what they can do with a well-designed office space. And who knows, by next year, All Medical Personnel may be unveiling our own “Walk of Stars”! Take that, Tinseltown!

Serving All Healthcare Organizations

August 4th, 2010

Serving All Healthcare Organizations

For more than 20 years, All Medical Personnel has provided professional, technical, administrative and clerical staffing services to some of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations.  Our team also takes a great deal of pride in delivering the same high caliber of service to smaller clients, including individual physicians and physician groups,  community hospitals, therapists and ancillary service providers.

Whether your healthcare organization has one location or multiple facilities, it’s essential to have a consistent approach to staffing. That means screening each candidate to be sure that he or she has the proper credentials and training. It also means orienting the candidate, and ensuring the employee understands his or her role, as well as the organization clinical and business priorities. This can be a time-consuming process for internal HR staffers who must multitask every minute of the day.

In that regard, All Medical Personnel can relieve these organizational stresses by recruiting, screening, qualifying and training job candidates. In that way, our dedicated healthcare staffing firm becomes a valued extension of the HR department, regardless of the size of client.  If you would like to learn more about our healthcare staffing services, please click here.

The Lippie Lifestyle!

July 9th, 2010

Living the Lippie Lifestyle!

Are you a Lippie?

For those of you who aren’t up on the latest acronyms, a Lippie is a Location Independent Professional – a physician, nurse, technician, lawyer or accountant with the ability to work anywhere in the country, or around the world. In other words, “have laptop, will travel”!

In the healthcare sector, an experienced professional with the right qualifications can enjoy the many benefits of a Lippie lifestyle, beginning with the freedom to choose where to work. For instance, a Lippie could work in the Midwest or Northeast during the warm summer months, enjoy the scenic foliage in the fall and spend the winter in Florida, Texas or the Carolinas.

A newly single professional might decide to start fresh in a new community, without necessarily making a permanent commitment. Other healthcare professionals find becoming a Lippie allows them to leave an unfulfilling position, make a lateral career move or explore a new job opportunity. It’s an ideal way to enjoy the security of a regular paycheck while moving ahead with your professional and personal life.

While the term “Lippie” is brand new, All Medical Personnel has been working closely with mobile professionals for more than two decades. Today, we connect Lippies with U.S. hospitals, physician groups, laboratories and other healthcare organizations seeking quality professionals to work for a few weeks, several months or a year or longer. If you’re considering a change, just Contact Us for more information about our placement services.