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Do Not Make These Mistakes on Your Resume

May 20th, 2013

Whether you’re seeking a job as a physician’s assistant, nurse, physical therapist, laboratory technician or other healthcare professional, it’s important to avoid making mistakes on your resume.  After all, recruiters use your resume as a quick screening tool, and you don’t want to be dropped into the “no” basket.

First of all, be sure to include your current contact information (phone, email, address) at the top of your resume.  That sounds simple, but it’s surprising how many job-seekers “recycle” older resumes after they’ve moved or changed cell phone numbers.

Be sure your resume highlights your career accomplishments, health-related skills and educational background.  Make it easy for the recruiter to check your credentials by including specific information on any state licenses or professional certifications.  Many candidates wonder whether or not to include personal or professional references on a resume.  Generally, the best approach is to say “references available on request,” unless you’ve earned the support of a Nobel Prize winner, dean of a medical school or CEO of a regional hospital system.

On the other hand, it’s usually a mistake to include a photo on your resume, and leave off any descriptive information (height, weight, eye color, etc.).  Those things don’t matter to a recruiter.  Other things to leave off your resume include your age, marital status and sexual orientation.  If you belong to a religious denomination, social organizations or political party, it’s best to omit that as well.  To reduce the risk of identity theft, never put your social security number on a resume.  There’s no way to tell who’ll have access to your resume after you send it off.

Always remember that the goal of your resume is to help you make it to the next round of the screening process.  Highlighting your professional accomplishments and experience while omitting any unnecessary personal information is the best way to capture the recruiter’s attention and be invited to interview for the position.  Good luck!

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